Head Coach

Mike Ciezki

I began coaching with the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team during the 2014 / 2015 season, when my daughter joined the team.  I quickly developed a real passion for working with our athletes and assisting in the operations of the team.  I can’t describe the feeling of seeing a new shooter achieve their new personal best or achieve something they didn’t think they could do; just as when a seasoned athlete overcomes something they have been struggling with, or conquers a goal they have been working on.  It’s especially rewarding to see our athletes grow and work together as a team to strengthen and encourage one another in an otherwise very individual sport.


I believe that safety must be the first goal of shooting sports; having fun while practicing and competing should be a close second.  Focusing on creating a safe and fun environment where athletes can develop to their full potential and compete at their desired level will lead to success as individuals and, more importantly, as a team.


I guess my philosophy could be summed up in something that I regularly tell athletes at competitions: “Smile.  When you smile more, you break more birds.  When you break more birds, you have more fun.  When you have more fun, you smile more.  When you smile more, you break more birds…….”

If you have a son or daughter that would be interested in clay target shooting sports, please get in touch with me.

Kim Wolfert:  Trap Coach
Chad Peterson:  Sporting Clays Coach
Pat Schmutzer:  International Coach
Mark Anderson:  Skeet Coach
Andy Konicke
Kyle Kopp
Todd Morawetz
Heidi Peterson
Jeff Swan
Christopher Cammers
Mark Jaramillo
Fuzzy Strasser